BREAKING: Warner Bros Pictures production president Greg Silverman has re-upped for another term with the studio, it was announced by Warner Bros Pictures Group president Jeff Robinov. Silverman, who signed on for another three years (his deal was up at year’s end) continues to report to Robinov, steering development activities and budget in the division, and his responsibilities are broadening. The re-up comes at a time when Warner Bros seems to be putting together more high-profile projects than any major in town. “Greg has a phenomenal aptitude for fostering filmmaker relationships and discovering new talent around town,” Robinov said. “He demonstrated incredible leadership toward our creative team, and I am so pleased that he continue to oversee our slate.”

Silverman started with the studio in 1999, and after a short stint at Revolution Studios, returned as a vice president and began rising in the ranks. Projects he steered included The Dark Knight, 300, The Hangover and Inception, and he also worked on films that included The Matrix, Batman Begins, Troy and Get Smart. Not bad for a guy who got his movie start working craft services on the independent film Two Guys Talkin’ About Girls before getting an assistant job at TriStar.