Ron Meyer sent out this memo to Universal staff today. ID-PR is handling the event:

Dear Co-Worker,

As many of you already know, Universal will mark its 100th Anniversary in 2012. This is a proud and exciting moment for our company, which celebrates the studio’s rich history and cultural impact. In January, we’re going to be unveiling an extensive year-long campaign that includes a significant restoration commitment for some of our most beloved films, fan engagement through special events, a home entertainment offering, theme park activities, promotions, and fun social media and web outreaches. All of this is designed to connect a new audience to our extraordinary library of films, as well as bring these memories back to longtime movie lovers. Part of our centennial celebration includes the launch of a new audio visual and print logo which we will unveil early next year.

Throughout Universal’s hundred years, we’ve created films that have touched the hearts of millions, and fostered our culture’s love affair with cinema. Some films have been more successful than others, but all of them have a place in our history.

The strength of Universal, as with any company, is the talent of its team. We’re fortunate to have an incredible group of individuals as well as gifted filmmakers who are at the heart of this studio.

We want to thank all of you—from our longest serving employees to our newest employees—as all of us have a role to play in preserving and continuing the iconic legacy of this studio.

In 2012, we will be honoring our past, and celebrating our future.