The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has asked a federal judge to set a trial date for the beginning of January to determine who owns broadcast rights to its Golden Globe awards show — just before the 2012 Globes airs on NBC. The HFPA is fighting Dick Clark Productions for the TV rights, after the organization claimed DCP didn’t have the authority to re-up with NBC to broadcast the ceremony until 2018, a deal they made last year. The HFPA wants the pact invalidated so it can strike a deal with another network, and they want it done in a hurry before any potential new home for the Globes fills up their schedule. The production company, meanwhile, says a trial going on during the ceremony would take focus away from the event. The Associated Press say a conference with the judge who will hear the case is scheduled for November 30, but he has told both sides that a January trial will be tough to fit into his schedule. The HFPA and DCP were able to work out a deal for DCP to produce the 2012 show; that agreement came three days after the case was originally set to go to trial, before a previous judge said she was unable to hear the case due to illness.