It seems like CBS brass approach creating the titles of their shows the way they select their bank account passwords — by trying hard to assemble an unduplicatable sequence of letters and numbers. Consistently over the past years, the network has employed unusual (and rather annoying for writers) punctuation in their show titles. First it was Numb3rs, then $#*! My Dad Says and Hawaii Five-0, which the network insisted we spell with a zero instead of the letter “O”. And today came the announcement of CBS’ latest stump-the-keyboard series title, ¡Rob! That is the name of the network’s midseason comedy series starring Rob Schneider. The choice of punctuation is related to the series’ plot about a lifelong bachelor (Schneider) who marries into a tight-knit Mexican-American family. Still, can we keep the quirkiness and whimsy in the shows and off their titles, por favor?