EXCLUSIVE: Peter Tolan is heading back to the firehouse. In a competitive situation, ABC has landed Angela’s Bachelors, a singe-camera comedy written by the Rescue Me co-creator, which will be set at a Boston firehouse. I hear that the project, from Sony Pictures TV where Tolan is under an overall deal, has received a put pilot commitment and a premium license fee. Based on Brian O’Reilly’s book Angelina’s Bachelors: A Novel With Food, the TV adaptation, titled Angela’s Bachelors, centers on well-educated and proper top chef Angela Bracken who, following a very public embarrassment at her new restaurant in New York City, moves to Boston to start over. After a fire in her apartment, she winds up working as the cook for the men in a local firehouse, elevating the tastes and lives of the rough and tumble crew as they knock her down a few pegs and reintroduce her to her humanity. Tolan is executive producing with his producing partner at Fedora Entertainment Michael Wimer as well as Robin Schorr and Jenna Glazier of RCR Pictures, which had optioned the novel. ABC is where Tolan had his last broadcast series before heading to FX to co-create with Denis Leary the firefighter drama Rescue Me. That series was the underrated workplace comedy The Job, which Tolan also co-created with Leary. This is the fourth sale for Tolan’s company this season. He is writing/executive producing NBC’s comedy starring Sean Hayes and executive producing an FBI profiler drama penned by Josh Berman at ABC and a DJ Nash project at Fox. Tolan, Wimer and O’Reilly’s book are repped by CAA.