Adding a little iconic spark to New York Comic-Con this week, Star Wars vet Mark Hamill has signed on as creative consultant to the superhero comic series New-Gen and will attend the convention to talk up a graphic novel compilation and plans for a feature film adaptation of the Marvel Comics-distributed title. Hamill will be at Comic-Con along with New-Gen creators J.D. Matonti, Chris Matonti and Julia Coppola to release the six-issue graphic novel, New-Gen: Volume One. Launched in 2008, New-Gen is the saga of twin brothers with extraordinary abilities seeking to discover their true origins in a nano-powered futuristic world. The graphic novel features an intro by Hamill.

The comic’s backers, APNG Enterprises, have signed Mace Neufeld to produce the film, X-Men: First Class’s Kim H. Winther to be co-producer, David Tattersall to be DP, Jeffrey A. Okun (The Day The Earth Stood Still) to be visual effects supervisor and Christopher Young (Spider-Man 3) to be composer. J.D. Matonti remains attached to direct the film, with Coppola producing and Chris Matonti the exec producer. The long-term plan is to build the characters and storylines into platforms that will include TV, mobile and video games. “New-Gen is a fresh and powerful new story that will surely resonate with audiences across multiple platforms,” Hamill said. “I’m honored to join the franchise and upcoming feature film as creative consultant and aim to evolve this compelling universe for fans to enjoy with the APNG Enterprises team.”