EXCLUSIVE: Los Angeles-based sales agent IM Global has made a multi-film commitment to take upcoming in-house productions from UK distributor Revolver Entertainment. The slate will go through IM Global’s Octane genre label. “We’re looking to create films that have the potential to travel internationally,” Revolver CEO Justin Marciano tells me. Gunslinger, Revolver’s in-house production arm, has two projects it is pushing forward on: Offender, directed by Ron Scalpello, which the company is pitching as a Brit version of A Prophet; and Lenny “The Guvnor” McClean (working title), based on the true story of a East End thug who became Britain’s most notorious bare-knuckle fighter. Revolver has already set a summer 2012 release for Offender, written by Paul Van Carter and produced by Nick Taussig of Revolver, which tells the story of a man who sets up his own imprisonment in order to avenge the rape of his girlfriend. Production starts early December.

Revolver formed Gunslinger in fall 2009, adopting the model Luc Besson used in the early days of EuropaCorp: The Brit producer makes low-budget features aimed at an under-served youth audience, which can go into profit just through their home market. The London Film Festival is screening Gunslinger’s third production, retribution thriller Sket, before its October 28 UK release. Spoof comedy Anuvahood sent up the craze for low-budget gangsta Brit movies, while Gunslinger’s first production Shank was a gang culture thriller. IM Global’s international sales president Jonathan Deckter and head of European Operations Tim Grohne struck the deal with Revolver’s Taussig. Other Brit movies that IM Global has been selling include UK box office phenomenon The Inbetweeners Movie, W.E., Welcome To The Punch, Dredd and Walking With Dinosaurs.