EXCLUSIVE: Heroes alum Greg Grunberg has signed a talent holding deal with Warner Bros Television to star in a drama or comedy project for the studio targeted for next season. The impetus for the deal was the fact that Warner Bros is the TV studio home of Grunberg’s childhood friend and frequent collaborator, writer-producer J.J. Abrams. The intention is for Grunberg to join a series project from Abrams. Grunberg previously co-starred on Abrams’ series Felicity and Alias as well as on Abrams’ pilot for ABC The Catch. Grunberg also did cameos in the pilot for Abrams’ ABC series Lost and the Abrams-directed features Mission: Impossible III and Star Trek, where he provided the voice of Kirk’s stepfather. So far this season, Abrams’ WBTV-based Bad Robot has landed a pilot production commitment from NBC for epic adventure thriller Revolution penned by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke. A potential gig on that project would reunite Grunberg with NBC, where he co-starred on two back-to-back series, Heroes and Love Bites. In case Grunberg does not join an Abrams project as intended, WBTV is expected to cast him in another studio pilot for next season. Grunberg, repped by ICM and Thruline, recently toplined the A&E pilot Big Mike.