Courteney Cox’s hit series Friends ran on NBC for 10 years, chronicling the lives of 6 friends over a decade. Now Cox and her ex/producing partner, David Arquette, are developing Ten Years, an ensemble comedy that explores the ups and downs of relationships among a group of friends spanning 10 years. It is one of 2 projects ABC Studios has sold to NBC. The other is a drama from writer Daniel Taplitz and producers Ian Sanders and Kim Moses. Written by Howard J. Morris (According To Jim), Ten Years tracks the ebb and flow of a 10 year relationship for a recently separated couple in the center of a group of friends and family. Morris, Cox and Arquette are executive producing. Inspired by a true story, The Next Insanely Great Thing is set in the last company town in America whose suburban townspeople agree to become test subjects for a high tech  company’s social media experiments, with unexpected, hilarious and emotionally gripping results. Taplitz, Sanders and Moses are executive producing.