With the public’s sentiment toward Wall Street not improving much post-Madoff and the massive bailouts, it is not surprising that TV writers don’t seem to have much love for financial executives. This fall, I counted three new series that had a disgraced banker or a financial scheme as a starting-off point in the pilot: In 2 Broke Girls, co-lead Carline (Beth Behrs) is a former super-rich heiress thrown into poverty after the assets of her banker dad were frozen over a massive Ponzi scheme; in ABC’s Good Christian Belles, lead Amanda (Leslie Bibb) was left penniless by her deceased husband, who was indicted in a Ponzi scheme; and in ABC’s Revenge, the lead, Emily (Emily VanCamp), is exacting revenge on the Grayson family that destroyed her father who, in a setup, was made the fall guy in an insider-trading and money-laundering scheme. Now comes Turner Loose, a new drama just bought by ABC. Written and executive produced by Law & Order veteran Barry Schindel, it centers on Bobby Turner, a disgraced Wall Street banker-turned-jailhouse lawyer who can find a legal loophole for every inmate but himself. In this case, the fallen financier’s story seems to have a happier ending — he eventually discovers his own way out and a chance at redemption in the most unlikely place: working for the female prosecutor who put him away. Sort of like White Collar in the DA office.