American Author To Head Edinburgh Film Festival
Chris Fujiwara has taken over leadership of the festival at a critical juncture. That fact was underlined by today’s news that the chief executive of the festival’s parent body, Gavin Miller, had resigned. The former BBC marketing executive was rocked by the resignation of previous artistic director Hannah McGill and a 2011 edition of the fest in June that was short on funding, premieres and star power. Fujiwara told The Scotsman that he was “well aware” of the criticism leveled at the festival this summer. “Edinburgh is clearly a festival that is going through a transitional phase,” he said, “but that means there is an opportunity for positive change and to make a real difference.” Fujiwara said it was almost certain that the next festival would keep remain in June, rather than returning to its traditional August slot.

U.K. Director Will Make Hollywood Debut on ‘Offworld’
Producer Lloyd Levin (United 93, Watchmen) has signed on British director Julian Gilbey (A Lonely Place to Die) for his sci-fi film Offworld. “It’s a kind of an intergalactic Naked Prey,” Levin told the UK film site Empire, “a pedal-to-the-metal safari movie set on an alien planet. There’s lots of nasty creatures, some even on the good guys’ side.” American David Leslie Johnson (Wrath Of The Titans, TV’s The Walking Dead) is writing the script.

Indian Studio Will Do Double-Duty As Tourist Destination
India’s 33-year-old Film City — known locally as Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagar — will receive a face-lift, a Bollywood museum and become a tourist destination. The regional Maharashtra government has decided to upgrade the 520-acre home of 16 studios with state-of-the-art facilities. “It’s an ongoing process and will take some time before it gets implemented,” a Film City spokesman explained to an Indian film blog. Among films that recently shot there are the Indian blockbuster Bodyguard, Ready and Devdas.