Prospect Park, the company, which is taking over from ABC in producing canceled soaps All My Children and One Life To Live for online distribution, just announced that it has reached the first agreement with AMC cast members to continue on the show. Pending a final sign off by AFTRA, the actors who have committed to stay on AMC are Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery) and Lindsay Hartley (Dr. Cara Castillo Martin). The first soap actor Prospect Park reached out to after securing the rights to AMC and OLTL was AMC star Susan Lucci. After she ultimately turned down the financial offer, said to be matching her current salary at ABC, Prospect Park shifted its attention to the higher-rated OLTL, signing four actors from the show as well as executive producer Frank Valentini who will continue with OLTL as it migrates online and will also serve as VP Serial Dramas at Prospect Park.