EXCLUSIVE: With the networks’ buying season half-way done, trends are starting to emerge. Along with the very strong showing by the comedy genre so far and the continued strength of book adaptations, enjoying popularity are shows about treasure hunts. The latest entry is an untitled adventure drama from Eagle Eye writer John Glenn, which has been bought by NBC. Described as “Da Vinci Code meets National Treasure,” it centers on a young NYPD beat cop who, along with his family and friends, embarks upon the greatest treasure hunt in history. Glenn is executive producing with Maria Grasso and Deborah Spera for Sony Pictures TV where the two recently inked a pod deal.

NBC also is developing an updated version of the 1984 action-adventure romantic comedy film Romancing the Stone, whose plot kicked off with a romance writer played by Kathleen Turner receiving a treasure map. Mark Friedman is writing the adaptation. And in another book adaptation, ABC recently bought The Seven Wonders, a treasure hunt show in the spirit of Raiders of the Lost Arc and National Treasure based on the Jack West Jr. series of adventure books by Australian author Matthew Reilly. Michael Seitzman is writing and Mark Gordon producing.