Cinedigm Digital Media Corp announced today that it has sold off its in-theater advertising business UniqueScreen Media to Screenvision, an agreement that will also see Cinedigm partner with Screenvision to provide alternative content marketing and distribution via that growing ad network. This is another part of Cinedigm’s transformation from a distribution and hardware company to a content and software one; back in July, Cinedigm eliminated another noncore asset, selling its physical and electronic distribution business to Technicolor. It’s part of CEO Chris McGurk’s plan to focus his company on being a provider of digital entertainment to exhibitors during times when it’s tougher to fill seats at the multiplexes. In announcing the Technicolor deal, he said he envisions deals with theater owners that will let Cinedigm program venues like a TV network — offering action sports, Broadway plays, or opera on certain nights — while also providing one-off events like showing live concerts in 3D.

For Screenvision, the acquisition of UniqueScreen Media boosts its nationwide cinema-advertising network to more than 15,200 screens and its digital footprint to more than 10,600 screens. It is the market leader in the space, offering on-screen advertising, in-lobby promotions and integrated marketing programs to advertisers and exhibitors.