ABC has bought Cartoon Marriage, a comedy script based on the book by married New Yorker cartoonists Michael Maslin and Liza Donnelly. Jennifer Garner is executive producing the comedy, which will be written by Lizzie McGuire and Less Than Perfect creator Terri Minsky. It chronicles adventures in love and matrimony through the eyes of the cartooning couple. In the book, Maslin and Donnelly tell the story of their marriage through their separate perspectives, in cartoon form. The project was developed by Garner’s production company, Vandalia Films, with Garner and her producing partner Juliana Janes executive producing with Minsky for ABC Studios. This is Vandalia’s second comedy project for ABC this season, and both are based on books. The other, based on The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth, is being adapted by Easy A writer Bert Royal.