Dick Clark Prods. is developing the “Streamy Awards” to self-congratulate Internet programming. It’s a 2-year-old franchise supposedly recognizing the best in web entertainment. The company is currently looking for a TV home for the event, though some if not all of the Streamys will be situated online. No date or location for the next Streamys has been set. “The goal is to create another franchise along the lines of our American Music Awards or the Academy of Country Music Awards,” Ariel Elazar, VP of digital distribution and brand licensing at DCP said in a statement. The rights to the Streamys are owned by Tubefilter, an online publication devoted to online video. DCP and Tubefilter want less a one-off event and more a multi-month interactive extravaganza that incorporates audience participation including voting on select categories well in advance of the show itself. This new partnership follows 2010 Streamys which were declared a disaster because of numerous technical problems. That fiasco prompted the International Academy of Web Television to disassociate itself from the Streamys after teaming with Tubefilter to produce that event. The Intl. Academy decided to launch its own event in partnership with the Consumer Electronics Association. The IAWTV Awards will be held in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. So, basically, the Streamys will now be yet another useless kudocast without any Industry credibility — not unlike DCP’s long association with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Golden Globes.