Amazing: In a new audience-demographic measuring system introduced during today’s TCA by CBS chief research officer David Poltrack, the Eye Network seems to be at the top of the heap in every new demographic group. The idea, according to Poltrack, is to move away from the simple but perhaps outdated demographic analysis that divides TV watchers by age and sex. Instead, Poltrack offered six “demand profit pool personas” that might serve as valuable targets for marketers. Gone are the days, he said, that the status of TV shows should be measured by how well they do in the desirable but shrinking demographic of 18-49 (although he reminded listeners that today’s CBS is on top in that demographic, too). The list: TV Companions (people who use TV for companionship and always have it on in the background – mainly stay-at-home women); Sports Enthusiasts (no definition necessary); Streamers (younger viewers who watch content across multiple screens); TV Moderators (those who try not to watch too much TV); Media Trendsetters (users of both TV and new technology who tend to talk, not tweet, about TV shows to their friends); and Program Passionates, who are dedicated to their own appointment-television favorites.

Poltrack noted that over at NBC, the same type of exploration is going on with that network’s “Alpha Boomers” research, seeking to better understand the value of the senior demographic. Meanwhile, he said CBS is concentrating on expanding its reach with Program Passionates and Media Trendsetters. But it all comes down to this: “A big show is a big show,” Poltrack said. No matter what category you fall into, says Poltrack, you are still most likely to be watching American Idol, NCIS or Dancing With the Stars (this excludes all-sports viewers – be quiet, they’re watching the game).