Ray Richmond is contributing to Deadline’s coverage of TCA.

While sitting on the final TCA panel of the day today, the veteran actress Madeleine Stowe —  a member of the cast on the new ABC drama Revenge that will air Wednesday nights at 10 this fall — believes that recession-ravaged Americans will welcome a series set among the chi-chi set in the Hamptons that finds the “haves” being treated to the bitter taste of revenge. The series, which premieres Sept. 21, stars Emily VanCamp as a young woman exacting revenge on a wealthy Hamptons clan that destroyed her father. “We’re dealing with a particular time in American history where I think the average citizen is going to want to see the takedown of the rich,” Stowe said from the stage. Afterward, she elaborated further, telling Deadline, “We all know that we’re heading toward very interesting times. I don’t know where our country is going to be. But I think the idea of being able to observe these overprivileged people who have everything at their fingertips and at their beck and call given a comeuppance might be sort of a vicarious thrill for the audience.” Stowe stressed that disparity between the moneyed class and everyone else “is so huge right now in terms of who’s making the money. And I think everyone’s feeling their lives starting to slip. So to be able to turn on the tube for one hour and see this sort of escapist fantasy that has a really dark heart I think could be satisfying…There’s almost an Upstairs Downstairs quality to what we’re doing on this show.”