It’s his first interview since going to prison in 2008. But Hollywood power players past and present can breathe easy because Anthony Pellicano says nothing new or even interesting to Newsweek from the the Big Spring Federal Correctional Institution in Texas. The same dull boasts: “I was way ahead of my time”, and “I was the top of the ladder. Just to talk to me it cost $25,000”, and “I wasn’t really a P.I. I was a problem solver.” The same whiny defense: “Up until the day of trial, [federal prosecutors] tried to get me to talk. I didn’t tell no one about the wiretapping … I didn’t trust lawyers: they had an obligation to tell on me.” The same absurd resignation: “I had a really long run. I am not bitter. I don’t have any hard feelings against the government … It was either I talked or go to jail and accept it like a man.”