Ray Richmond is contributing to Deadline’s Emmy coverage.

Jane Lynch is hosting this year’s Primetime Emmys revealed today that some of her Glee co-stars will appear in some Glee-themed sketches on the awards show.So expect something similar to that rousing opening number from last year’s host Jimmy Fallon. “We’re pre-taping something right now,” Lynch told media today. “I’ve pitched a few ideas for the Glee cast.” Lynch is working closely with longtime pal and collaborator Jill Soloway (Six Feet Under) and Soloway’s sister Faith to put together her material. Lynch also said the Emmycast will include “some little things you haven’t seen before” regarding how the major categories are introduced. Lynch told me, “What most concerns me is that I do well and not make a fool of myself. I trust that the writers all know what they’re doing. I worked with this same crew on the Emmys last year, and they’re great. I’m just concerned that they be interesting and funny and honor the purpose of television and the people in it.”

Lynch admitted that, “If you’d asked me at the beginning if I would be changing my dress every time I came out, I’d have said, ‘Absolutely not.’ But I will be changing my dress every time I come out.” Asked for 3 things the audience definitely won’t see on Emmy night, she said, “I probably won’t wear a track suit [like her Glee character Sue Sylvester]. I won’t be doing an elaborate dance number. And I won’t bore you.”

A tense moment during the conference call came when a reporter asked Lynch if she felt any responsibility to insert a gay-centric element into the show, given that she is a gay woman herself. “No,” she responded tersely. “I’m a person and not just a gay person. We won’t be focusing on gay things.”

When the subject came around to the forthcoming third season of Glee, Lynch acknowledged that the show “kind of went all over the place last year” with the number of guest stars and storylines “and we had a lot of fun with that. But this year, you’ll see us sticking more closely to storylines [involving] the regular characters. … We’ll be seeing where they go, in particular their relationships with graduation looming ahead. It will be more about what the kids will be doing with their life.”