Some movie people will do anything for publicity even if they instigate an angry mob, create an unsafe situation, and need the LAPD to disperse crowds. According to our pals at, fans were invited via Twitter to a 6 PM music block party thrown by DJ Kaskade outside the same Hollywood location as the Mann’s Chinese Theater premiere of an indie documetary about the Electric Daisy Carnival Experience about the music festival by the same name which is attended by tens of thousands of people. But too many people showed up tonight and were turned away by security. So police were called to break up the mob consisting of hundreds of people who began fighting and throwing bottles. Some jumped on police cars, and officers responded by shooting them with bean bags. The crowd also set fire to an LAPD cruiser. Kaskade took to Twitter amid the chaos, saying that the party was over and urging people to calm down. Insomniac Inc, the organizers of the movie screening, issued a statement saying they were “disappointed that a small group of people would try to mar a private documentary screening”.