It seems like Conan O’Brien and his alter ego The Flaming C are Comic-Con-bound. I hear that the talk show host is planning some kind of a world premiere of a Flaming C video on Friday. Word is it will happen during the session the upcoming Cartoon Network/Warner Bros. Animation series Green Lantern: The Animated Series scheduled for 2 PM in room 6BCF. (though it would probably be more fun if he crashed the panel for the movie Conan the Barbarian) The series hails from the same creator, veteran animator Bruce Timm, as  the Flaming C character. Superhero spoof The Flaming C was the result of a meeting between Warner Bros. TV-based O’Brien and Timm at Warner Bros. Animation. The two came up with the idea for The Flaming C character, which has since taken on a life of his own among the Team Coco set, especially after Warner Bros. Animation inserted the superhero into clips from Young Justice. O’Brien has been dropping hints that he may be going to Comic-con. A poster featuring a CG animated version of The Flaming C appeared in the TV Guide’s Comic-Con issue. A special Flaming C teaser page on the Team Coco Web site is live, counting down to 3 days from now — specifically Friday afternoon at 2pm PST if you do the math. And finally, last night, during his interview with nerd icon Chris Hardwick on his TBS show Conan, O’Brien let slip that he is “allegedly” attending Comic-Con this year. (video below)