Deadline Comic-Con TV correspondent Gary Hodges:

The worst-kept secret at Comic-Con, and at the Green Lantern: The Animated Series (Cartoon Network/Warner Bros) panel, was that Conan O’Brien and his alter ego The Flaming C would crash the party. Attendees politely sat through an episode of the new series (premiering spring of 2012) and waited at least a few minutes before flatly asking the panel (Bruce Timm, Giancarlo Volpe and Jim Krieg) about Conan during the audience Q&A session. Finally, they introduced “some other footage”: the trailer to The Flaming C. (“From the creators of Batman: The Animated Series and the Masturbating Bear.”) O’Brien received a standing ovation and spent the remainder of the panel’s time doing what he does so well: making fun of the audience, making fun or himself, and being surprisingly agreeable to even the strangest requests (he doled out a hug to one attendee who asked for it, and gave another his name tag — but only after rubbing it all over his body). After agreeing to marry one (male) audience member (“Yes I will … in New York!”), he obliged another by climbing on top of the panel’s table and performing “the string dance,” before leaving to walk the show floor and sign autographs.

One standout response in all the silliness: When asked if The Flaming C has a nemesis, an audience member suggested “Doctor Leno” or “the Lenonator.” O’Brien paused, then said, “You guys are more bitter about this than I am.”

The superhero spoof was the result of a meeting between Warner Bros TV-based O’Brien and Timm at Warner Bros Animation. The two came up with the idea for The Flaming C character, which has since taken on a life of his own among the Team Coco set, especially after Warner Bros Animation inserted the superhero into clips from Young Justice. The trailer, now available online, is full of overly dramatic faux-cool bluster, showing a serious and brooding Flaming C suiting up (in his characteristic oven mitt) and grumbling dialogue. “Awesome, right?” Timm asked after the trailer. “You know what’s even more awesome? Conan O’Brien.”