Deadline Comic-Con TV corresondent Gary Hodges files:

One of the last panels of the day in Hall H was It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) started a bit late, pushed back by panels like Doctor Who (BBC America) and The Cleveland Show (FOX) that had run a bit long. Nobody seemed to care: Always Sunny has been well-received by the Comic-Con crowd in the past, and this year was no exception. It opened with a screening of an episode from the upcoming season, “Frank’s Pretty Woman.” In it, Frank has a new “girlfriend”: a prostitute named Roxy. The gang is horrified; Charlie asks “You’re dating a prostitute?” “Not for long,” says Frank. “I’m going to make that whore my wife!”

From there the show splits into a few different directions: Charlie wants to help Frank realize he doesn’t have to pay for companionship, Dennis and Mac explore life treating their bodies however they like (Mac has gotten fat, and Dennis misses crack terribly after his brief experiences with it), and Dee tries to reform Roxy, but begins to see the hooker’s life as glamorous. Without spoiling anything, the highlights would include Charlie projectile vomiting what looks like thick geysers of blood into people’s faces, Mac – diagnosed with adult-onset diabetes – giving himself insulin shots in his fat belly as he eats chimichangas, and Frank’s proposal to Roxy: “Roxy, you are good shit, but I want to make this legit.” Roy Orbison’s Pretty Woman plays over the end credits, in a scene that’s both deranged and hysterical.

The cast then appeared on stage (Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Danny DeVito), all dressed in their respective costumes from the Always Sunny musical, The Nightman Cometh, and immediately opened the audience Q&A. As for shenanigans coming in the new season, the cast teased a few things: There will be a high school reunion episode. There is a “kiddie pageant”, which inexplicably a few of the gang participate in. “Cricket” (Matthew Mara) will be back this season. Finally, Charlie claims his ongoing attempts to get The Waitress will be slightly more successful. “I, like, almost kinda get her. But I don’t.”

The rest of the time was spent amusing the audience with anecdotes and riffs that surely had any parents in the audience covering their kids’ ears. When asked there most memorable bloopers, Kaitlin recalled an episode where Danny Devito is “born” form a leather couch, fully nude, causing her to flub her lines. “In my defense… I saw directly up his butthole.” An audience member asked how she learned to so convincingly gag on the show, and she gave a sly smile while gently stroking the arm of her husband, McElhenney – triggering a volley of double entendres from the cast related to oral sex. “We’re talking about blow jobs, by the way,” Howerton finally announced.

The last question of the night was from a man who pointed out that, since it was the illustrious Hall H, “Can you give us a rendition of Day Man (a song from The Nightman Cometh)?” Which they obliged, the audience singing along.