Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is one step closer in its long regulatory fight to take control of British Sky Broadcasting, with UK Culture Secretary telling the House of Commons today that he is ready to approve the merger. He did say he would give opponents of the tie-up a week to raise final objections over the deal, which critics have said threatens diversity in the news marketplace (News Corp arm News International publishes The Sun, The Times, The Sunday Times and the News of the World newspapers in the UK). Hunt said that he has received concessions from News Corp recently that address those fears. (Meanwhile, opponents have questioned Murdoch’s influence over Hunt, the Financial Times said.) Already, the National Union of Journalists has organized a demonstration for today with other guilds and unions outside the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in London. “Rupert Murdoch’s profit-at-all costs philosophy forces too many journalists to cut corners, compromise professional standards and set aside ethical conduct for fear of failing to deliver the sales demanded by executives,” said NUJ secretary Jeremy Dear. “This model of journalism is not in the public interest — it serves only the accountants.”