Glee star Jane Lynch gave a taste of what could be in store if she hosts the Emmys in an appearance at a tech conference held by the Wall Street Journal‘s All Things Digital. In the bit, which channeled Lynch’s Glee character Sue Sylvester, she was acting CEO of News Corp., taking over for Rupert Murdoch, who is out of the country on business. (Like Fox, which airs Glee, WSJ is owned by News Corp.) “As acting CEO, I’ll be making some changes while the powers that be are abroad,” Lynch said. Here are a few:
– Closing iPad publication The Daily. “Never heard of it, never used it, so clearly I’ll be shutting that down.”
– “I’ll also be incorporating a comics page into the Wall Street Journal. I’m a big fan of Family Circus. So seemingly mundane, yet dripping with irony.”
– “I’ve also convinced Glenn Beck to stay on at Fox for one final gig — as a dying patient on House, with a horrendous malady. His sickness is consuming him from the inside out.”
– “I’m pretty sure we got Sarah Palin to do a guest spot on Glee. She’ll perform an original tune I penned: Look at Me, I’m Batshit Crazy.” Here is the video: