Beginning on September 12, viewers will once again be able to watch departing Fox News host Glenn Beck at 5 PM, but this time it will cost them $5 a month. Glenn Beck’s company Mercury Radio Arts will launch GBTV – a live streaming video network, which will feature Glenn’s new daily 5-7 PM show, as well as other “original and licensed information and entertainment programming.” The company claims it already has over 80,000 paying subscribers. Joel Cheatwood, the former Fox News Channel who joined Mercury earlier this year, has been named President of Programming for GBTV and will oversee Beck’s show. GBTV, which will charge $5 a month for Beck’s new show and $10 for the entire network, will launch with two other programs: a six-camera simulcast of Glenn’s three hour radio show and The 4th Hour starring Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere. In addition to subscriptions, it will also rely on advertising, an area where Beck’s current TV show has had problems as a slew of advertisers pulled from it over some of the host’s controversial statements. “GBTV is the future,” said Beck, whose last show on Fox News airs June 30.