Here is the Deadline/TVline assessment of 2011 Emmy drama races:

Deadline/TVline: 2011 Drama Series Overview
This year’s Emmy race for Outstanding Drama Series will continue cable’s dominance in this most prestigious category. Cable claimed 10 of the 13 nomination spots over the past two years, and 13 of 19 since 2008. By contrast, cable earned a mere nine nods combined in the seven years between 2001 and 2007 when the networks still ruled. The shift from broadcast is so extreme in 2011 that CBS’ The Good Wife is considered the only network series with a solid shot to earn its second nomination in as many years. (Though not in that league, NBC/DirecTV’s Friday Night Lights, NBC’s Parenthood, and CBS’ Blue Bloods deserve consideration while ABC has entered a rebuilding phase.) The sad reality is that the broadcast networks, which just signed a new eight-year deal with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to carry the Emmys, are facing a possible first-ever shutout from the top drama series category. That’s because of the continuing strength and ambition of programming on cable — in particular, HBO in a return to form, and AMC still on a roll.

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Deadline: 10 Dramas Pick Best Episodes
Drama series producers agonize over their selection of up to six episodes for 2011 Emmy nomination consideration. Here’s insight from Deadline into why these particular episodes were thought to impress Emmy voters.

TVline: Sizing Up The Lead Drama Actor Race
Since Breaking Bad didn’t air during this year’s Emmy eligibility period, its star — three-time Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series winner Bryan Cranston — isn’t able to vie for a fourth consecutive statuette. In other words, the field is wide open for someone like the oft-nominated Hugh Laurie of House or Jon Hamm of Mad Men, or a sleeper like Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights, or an old favorite like Tom Selleck (now of Blue Bloods), to grab the gold.
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TVline: A Look At The Lead Drama Actress Race

In 2010, the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series seemed destined to go to Julianna Margulies for The Good Wife. Everybody said so. Apparently everybody but the Emmy voters, that is. They decided instead, that after her fifth nomination, it was The Closer’s Kyra Sedgwick who finally deserved to win. This year the big buzz surrounds Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss. Come award night, will she or some other fresh face have the statuette in their hand?
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TVline: A Look At The Supporting Drama Actor Category
You know who isn’t missing Lost this season? The many performers jockeying for an Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series nod at this year’s Emmys. The absence of perennial nominees Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson creates two big vacancies. The number of openings jumps to four when you consider that both Aaron Paul and Martin Short — nominated in ’10 for Breaking Bad and Damages, respectively — will also be MIA (since their shows didn’t air during the eligibility period). Basically, the race is pretty much up for grabs.

TVline: A Look At The Supporting Drama Actress Category

Behind virtually every great TV headliner today there is a great, and often times large, ensemble. Which means that scoring a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series may be one of the most competitive battles Emmy serves up. But with Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) braving the Lead Actress race this year and Rose Byrne out of the race entirely (Season 3 of Damages didn’t air during the eligibility period), watch for some new blood to be injected into the race.
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