I’m very pleased to announced that my pal Nic Paul who sells advertising for Deadline and other Penske Media Corp sites has been promoted to Vice President of Entertainment Sales for our parent company. Since joining PMC from Variety where he oversaw digital sales until right around the time that Jay Penske bought my Deadline Hollywood, Nic had been a Sales Director for 2 years. Best of all, I can attest to the fact that Nic understands and respects the wall I’ve erected between editorial content and advertising sales.

In his new role, Nic will lead entertainment sales strategy for Deadline as well as all of PMC and expand our current success with new ideas for partnerships, products, and revenue development. His team will include Cathy Goepfert, who has done a great job in NYC raising our advertising profile there. It’s easy to forget what a young company PMC (formerly MMC) and Deadline still are because of how far we’ve come in a short while to capture market share. PMC plans to announce a new head of West Coast Sales in the next two weeks.