Bloomberg last week said it planned to file a complaint with the FCC against Comcast charging that the cable operator is discriminating against services like Bloomberg TV that compete with NBC Universal channels like CNBC. Today, Bloomberg made the complaint filing official. The dispute centers on the two companies’ interpretation of the FCC’s order to Comcast as a condition for its purchase of NBCU: Bloomberg says a “neighborhooding clause” in the FCC’s order means similar channels (news channels, sports channels, etc.) must be grouped together on Comcast systems; right now in Hartford, CT, for example, Bloomberg TV is on channel 178 and CNBC is on channel 60, which Bloomberg deems unfair. Comcast says the order means only that Comcast can’t discriminate in the future, and that shifting one channel would compel other channels to ask to be moved as well, creating “a significant disruption to consumers and other cable networks beyond anything the FCC contemplated or could reasonably have required.”