From the presentations ABC, NBC and Fox executives have made to advertisers so far this week, you’d think they were more concerned about competition from digital media than they are about each other. ABC continued the pro-TV theme at its upfront presentation Tuesday, telling ad buyers that its shows — and their ads — translate well to digital media. Disney-ABC Television Group President Anne Sweeney reassured them that on the network’s digital player, “the fast forward is disabled to make sure (viewers) see your ads.” Although hard data was in short supply, ABC Sales President Geri Wang added that the company’s research shows that commercials on its programs “deliver consistent ad impact” on devices such as the iPad as effectively as they do on TV. The company is preparing a study that will focus specifically on iPads. Execs added that ABC’s programming appeals to young, educated, well-to-do people looking for escapist entertainment — “just the demos you want to reach,” Wang said. In hard times, “our brand of uplifting entertainment could not be more relevant,” ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee said. But moments later, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel deflated that claim. Every year, he said, “we shower you with promises, and follow through on none of them.”