Univision will announce tomorrow that it plans to introduce three Spanish-language cable networks in 2012, adding to its collection of channels that already includes broadcasting’s Telefutura and cable’s Galavision. It will have a news channel Univision 24/7, sports service Univision Deportes, and a channel devoted to novelas called Univision TL Novelas. The company wouldn’t say whether any cable or satellite company has agreed to carry the new channels. Although the audience for Spanish-language programming is growing, Univision executives likely will have to endure some tough negotiations with pay TV carriers who don’t want to pay for additional services. We may learn more tomorrow, when Univision makes its upfront presentation to advertisers. Here’s the schedule the company will offer:


“Protagonistas” (Novela Stars) – More than 60 hours in primetime. Aspiring actors gain the chance to put their talent forward and demonstrate they have what it takes to win viewers’ hearts. From Univision, the network that launched the careers of Blanca Soto and Sofia Vergara, comes a proven reality format featuring contestants living in a house as all their movements are recorded 24/7. Proving they have what it takes to reach stardom, contestants will face numerous challenges and eliminations, while facing the critiques of a panel of experts. Contestants and viewers alike will also be thrilled by the novela stars that stop by to visit the house. (Weekday, Primetime – Coproduction Univision Studios and Imagina US)

“Pequeños Gigantes” (Little Giants) – Twenty-eight children and seven judges come together to create a unique talent competition that seeks to find the most-gifted child entertainers. Future singers, actors, dancers and comedians take the stage to deliver their best, but in the end only one will take home the
ultimate prize. Hosted by beloved Mexican personality Galilea Montijo. (Sunday, Primetime – Televisa)

“El Equipo”– Four different lives, four different pasts, sharing one thing in common: all four have chosen a path where each day may be their last. Inspired by true events, we follow the mind-thrilling daily duties of Santiago, Fermín, Magda and Mateo as each federal officer risks their life for the sake of
ours. Unforeseen love affairs and struggles to sustain a normal family and lifestyle take a back seat when the team must deliver federal intelligence and perform tactical operations to put an end to a crime. Starring Alfonso Herrera, Alberto Estrella, Fabián Robles and Zuria Vega. (Weekday, Primetime –

“Dos Hogares” (Two Homes) – After beating insurmountable odds to be together, Angélica and Santiago got married and were determined to live a long and happy life together, much to the disappointment of Santiago’s conniving mother Patricia, who did not approve of his choice for a wife. Angélica and Santiago’s happiness, however, is short-lived when he suffers a terrible accident and disappears. Believing her husband is dead, Angélica focuses on  rebuilding her life with the help of her family and Ricardo, a kind, older man. As they get closer, Ricardo starts having stronger feelings for Angélica and they eventually get married. A short time later, Angélica makes a discovery that will change their life forever: Santiago is, in fact, alive and wandering the streets suffering from memory loss. Determined to keep Santiago’s reappearance a secret until he can recover, Angélica begins leading a double-life between nursing Santiago back to health and keeping peace in her home with Ricardo, who has turned into a possessive, jealous man. But, as Santiago falls in love with Angélica again, what will she do? Her heart is suddenly torn between two men… two homes. Starring actress and former member of the pop group RBD, Anahí; singer/songwriter and Hollywood actor, Carlos Ponce; and actor Alfredo Adame. (Monday – Friday, Primetime – Televisa)

“La Fuerza del Destino” (The Power of Destiny) – A modest young man of humble origins, Iván Villagomez was framed for a gangster’s murder that forced him to flee from his hometown in Mexico to the U.S. Years later he returns to face ghosts from the past and find the real truth behind the events that forced him to leave. In his quest, he finds love in the last person he ever thought had feelings for him, his childhood friend Lucía Lomeli. But Lucía is also the sister of Ivan’s former girlfriend who was pregnant with his child at the time he was forced to run away. When those Iván hates most are connected to Lucía, will he be able to give up revenge and choose love? The novela stars award-winning actors David Zepeda, Laisha Wilkins, Gabriel Soto, Juan Ferrara and introducing Sandra Echevarría. Special appearance by renowned actress Leticia Calderón (Monday – Friday, Primetime – Televisa)

“Una Familia Con Suerte” (A Fortunate Family) – Fernanda Peñaloza is a kind socialite who has recently learned that she has an incurable disease and that her beloved nephew, Vicente, is counting the days until she dies. Distraught, Fernanda contemplates committing suicide by jumping off a bridge but,
by a stroke of luck, a quirky stranger in a run-down truck, Pancho López, appears just in time to save her. Pancho takes Fernanda into his humble home and introduces her to his family. After seeing how “rich” Pancho’s family really is, Fernanda makes a decision that will surprise both the Lopez family and
her greedy relatives: she makes Pancho the president of her company. Whether the Lopez family’s new fortune is for better or worse, no one knows, but the collision of the different set of characters they will encounter in their new “high-class” life will produce plenty of laughs to go around. (Monday – Friday,
Primetime – Televisa)

“Talismán” – From the producers of the record breaking hit novela “Eva Luna” arrives “Talismán.” Shot throughout diverse locations including urban settings and the majestic landscape of the countryside, the novela follows the story of Patricia Campos, a beautiful woman who thought she had everything she could wish for in life. She is successful, surrounded by great friends and, most importantly, has the love of the man she adores. But her blissful happiness suddenly shatters when her beloved dies, and she vows to never love someone like that again. That is until she meets the man who will show her the true meaning of love. However, destiny will once again deal her a cruel hand when she discovers her first love is actually alive, forcing her to make the toughest decision of her life: to look back to the past or move forward with her new life. Starring Blanca Soto and Rafael Novoa. (Monday – Friday, Primetime – Coproduction Univision Studios and Venevision Productions)

“Premios Univision” (Univision Awards) – Univision is proud to present this new, annual one-hour awards gala to recognize individuals who have made an indelible mark in their quest to improve the lives of Hispanics in the United States. Produced in conjunction with the Network’s special events team
and award-winning News division, this will be a special evening to recognize those heroes who have helped and empowered Hispanics. Broadcast from Washington, D.C., the red carpet event will feature some of the most influential individuals working in the fields of arts, education, public policy and civic
and social issues. (Primetime Special – Univision)

“Univision Documentales” (Univision Documentaries) – Building on its mission to not just entertain, but also empower and inform its audience, Univision proudly presents a new division within its News department: Univision Documentales. Going straight to the heart of the news and beyond the headlines,
the network’s award-winning news team will produce two ground-breaking documentaries each year, touching upon subjects of special interest to the Hispanic community. The first documentary in the series is the never-before-told story of the Colombian police agents who infiltrated the FARC
organization. The second documentary is an examination of Hispanic education in the U.S. and disproportionate Latino dropout rates. (Primetime Special – Univision)

“Hoy” (Today) – Mornings will no longer end with just “Despierta América,” Hispanics’ favorite morning show. Univision is now proud to present a one-of-a-kind lifestyle magazine show that will keep viewers entertained all the way to lunch. Practical tips on everything from cooking to home projects, health and news segments, a daily horoscope, special guests and more, will all be packed into one-and-ahalf hours of pure entertainment. (Monday – Friday, 10:30 a.m. ET/PT, 9:30 a.m. Central – Televisa)

Dramatic Series
“MIA” – From the creators of the hit “Eva Luna,” comes a dramatic series set against the backdrop of Miami Beach and featuring Mia, a fearless undercover cop. Trying to bring down some of the city’s most dangerous men, Mia will begin working inside a powerful auto-theft ring. However, little does she know that fulfilling her duties will be more difficult than she thinks when her heart is torn between the love of two men – one good, one evil. As they do everything in their power to have her, the lines between right and wrong will blur, putting her life on the line. (Monday – Friday, Primetime –
Coproduction Univision Studios and Venevision Productions)

“El Capo 2” – The record-breaking series that stopped an entire nation is back for a second season with more high-impact action and drama no one will want to miss. At the end of the first season, the fate of Pedro Pablo León Jaramillo, “El Capo” – the world’s most ruthless and elusive drug lord – was left hanging in the balance. But true to his nature, Jaramillo will surprise the world when he reappears, ready to take back his empire at any cost. Not even his fiercest enemies will be ready to face what’s coming with the return of “El Capo.” Marlon Moreno reprises his role in this thrilling series. (Monday – Friday, Primetime – FOX Telecolombia)

“La Mariposa” (The Butterfly) – From the producers of the mega hit “El Capo,” comes a thrilling fastpaced ride based on the original story written by Gerardo Reyes, lead investigative reporter for The Miami Herald. The series follows the life of a woman who launders money for drug lords in Colombia,
Mexico and the U.S. But her life changes forever when she falls for the special agent whose sole mission is to bring her in. As they embark on a complicated game of cat and mouse, they will eventually have to choose between the lives they lead or the love they feel for each other. Starring María Adelaida Puerta,
Michel Brown, María Fernanda Yépez and Salvador Zerboni. (Monday – Friday, Primetime – FOX Telecolombia)

Late Night
“Noche de Perros” (Guys’ Night Out) – Just when everyone thought that men had surrendered the remote control to women, comes a late-night show designed to motivate them to get it back. In this the first and only program on Spanish-language television created especially for men, the guys wreak havoc as they discuss a plethora of manly topics like sports, news, hobbies, politics, and, of course women. Surprise celebrity guests will visit the studio and help deliver a fun-filled night no man – or woman – would want to miss. (Monday – Friday, Late Night – Univision Studios)

“Kdabra” – Gathering elements from the real and the supernatural worlds, this series follows the adventures of Luca, a mysterious 17 year-old who has everyone under his spell. A world of inexplicable magic comes to life in this spectacular production where nothing is what it seems. Starring popular young actor Christopher Von Uckermann. (Weekday, Primetime – FOX Telecolombia)

“Prime Gourmet – El Reto” (Prime Gourmet – The Challenge) – A culinary battle against the clock where two chefs compete face-to-face to prove who is the best. Testing their ability and imagination, they will need to transform all sorts of ingredients into amazing culinary creations in a limited amount of
time. Once the timer rings, only one will be declared the winner. (Weekend – Televisa)

“Un Mundo Aparte” (Worlds Apart) – Two years, 50 countries and one vehicle equals the longest road trip around the world. This documentary features a team of explorers as they immerse themselves in the adventure of a lifetime. From the most beautiful cities on the planet, to a close look at the last
indigenous native societies of the 21st century, these explorers discover the extremes the globe has to offer. (Weekend, Primetime – CIN TV)