Bert Fields announced that Joe Silver has “won Round One” against Goldman Sachs. That’s because the entertainment biz litigator says Federal Judge Ronald S. W. Lew ruled Tuesday that Silver’s multi-pronged lawsuit alleging breach of contract and fraud against the giant investment banker could go forward to trial. Ruling from the bench, Judge Lew denied Goldman’s motion to dismiss Silver’s complaint. “Obviously, we’re very pleased with Judge Lew’s decision. It’s a complex case, but he seemed to have it down cold,” Fields said in a statement. Silver is claiming Goldman Sachs stiffed him on more than $30 million from a share of revenue from his Dark Castle Films. To put the lawsuit in context, the relationship began in those financially flush days of 2007 when Wall Street was eager to invest in the movie biz. But then the financial crisis hit, and Silver sued a year ago.