UPDATE May 12th, 8 PM: All today, and frankly most of this past week, Deadline has been plagued by terrible technical problems. In fact, the site went down completely around 12:30 PM. I can’t tell you when Deadline will return to normal operation. But we’re still posting. So please bear with us.

MAY 2ND, 6 AM: Site problems still not fixed. For example, you may continue to see missing blocks of text in some Deadline stories, to our consternation. We’re waiting on the Tech staff to give us a diagnosis and solution.

APRIL 29TH, 9 PM: Several site problems persist but we’re such news junkies that Deadline simply had to keep posting today. No word yet from the Tech staff when the current situation will improve.  

APRIL 29TH, 6 AM: Deadline won’t be filing new posts until all the current technical problems are fixed. Existing stories like this weekend’s box office will be updated as necessary. Let’s hope the Tech staff hurry, hurry, hurry…