Since Glenn Beck’s pending exit as Fox News host was announced last week, media attention has focused primarily on Judge Andrew Napolitano as a potential replacement for the 5 PM slot. Further fueling speculations, Napolitano, who has served as a guest host on the program before, was tapped to sub for Beck, who is on tour, three days this week. But Napolitano’s ratings came in below expectations. Monday through Wednesday, he averaged 1.66 million viewers, down 19% from Beck’s March average, and 345,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo, down 32% from Beck’s average. Fox News still won the hour by a comfortable margin, largely because of its overall strength throughout the day, but the network may hesitate to go with someone who drops so much from Beck’s March levels, which were already dramatically down from his heyday in the slot. Fox News is expected to continue to try out hosts. Last night, Fox News/Fox Business Network’s Eric Bolling anchored the program. Ratings for that show will be available later this afternoon.