Verve, the upstart lit agency hatched by Bryan Besser, Bill Weinstein and Adam Levine in January 2010, today made its first agent promotion from within by giving Rob Herting his dealmaker stripes. They made it memorable, with help from Summit production chief Erik Feig. The partners set a meeting with screenwriter clients Jon & Erich Hoeber to discuss titles for the sequel to Red. They told the entire company that Summit was forcing a title the duo didn’t like, and challenged everyone to coming into the conference room ready to pitch. They got Feig on the speakerphone and went right to Herting. After he floated his idea, Herting was asked by Feig who he was. When Herting said he was an assistant, Feig told the room: “Guys? What are you doing? I really like this idea. This kid should obviously be an agent.” The Verve partners who set the whole thing up then promoted him on the spot. Herting, a hockey player at the University of Connecticut, started in the Endeavor mailroom, worked for Tom Strickler, Weinstein, Levine and Sharon Jackson, and then left with the partners when they formed Verve.