The American Idol voting public does not like women contestants. How else to explain that a field of seven female and six male finalists on Fox’s Idol has now been whittled down to only two women and the same six men? All five eliminated contestants so far have been gals. The judges saved the only endangered male contestant. But the voting is so heavily skewed in the male singers’ favor that the voting results can’t possibly be random. Especially after tonight’s shocker elimination of frontrunner Pia Toscano. I wish Nigel Lythgoe & Co could declare the two remaining females an endangered species and grant them immunity for a few rounds to achieve a better gender balance on the show. And while that, of course, can’t happen, the producers should at least keep the gals away from the opening slot on performance night, which often sends singers to the Bottom 3. Yes, democracy is great, but maybe a little affirmative action here won’t hurt. And above all, female voters should try to support their own. Feel free to disagree with me.