On a call promoting the new X Factor recording booths that are being dispatched to six cities for auditions, boss Simon Cowell shared his frustration over the dragged-out decision on who the remaining two judges will be, joining him and Antonio “L.A.” Reid on the panel. “We are still having nightly arguments, trying to get everyone to agree,” Cowell said. “If you ask everyone, you have 25 different opinions.” He admitted the process shows “publicly complete and utter indecisiveness.” He had previously hoped to have everyone in place by the start of the show’s auditions March 27. As for names, Cowell confirmed that Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie is a name that “was put forward” but, like with anyone else, there is a long process of checking availability and willingness to commit. “This is not a two-days-a-week job,” Cowell said, referring to the judging gigs on other competition shows, including American Idol. Another name that had just popped up was that of Gloria Estefan. Cowell said that the singer unexpectedly “turned up” today at the X Factor Miami auditions “and did a great job. She gave everyone support and encouragement.” Other female singers that have been constantly bandied about for X Factor jobs are Cheryl Cole, Mariah Carey, Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul.