2ND UPDATE: The judge took it under advisement.

UPDATE 2:15 PM: Wow, this hearing took all morning, broke for lunch, and resumes any minute this afternoon. So far the only decision made is that the judge is letting a lone video camera film in the courtroom. Team Sheen and the media wanted it, Team WB/Lorre didn’t. Charlie won. 

8:30 AM: This morning, attorneys for Charlie Sheen, Chuck Lorre, and Warner Bros return to Santa Monica Superior Court where Sheen’s counsel, Marty Singer, will again try to avoid arbitration for his client in the dispute against WB and Lorre, this time in front of the original Judge Allan Goodman. It’s unclear whether Goodman (who is also presiding over Sheen’s $100M state court litigation and had been on vacation) will rule at once or take the matter under advisement. In any event, legal observers consider Singer’s efforts to be a long shot, as LA County Superior Court Judge Jacqueline Connor already denied Marty’s request to stop arbitration from proceeding. If Judge Goodman rules in WB’s favor, JAMS-appointed arbitrator Richard Neal will oversee the dispute. If Judge Goodman rules in favor of Sheen, WB will have the right to immediately appeal the ruling, which would automatically stay Sheen’s lawsuit for at least two years. Basically, public trial v. private trial.