So now Relativity has made a list of all the open lawsuits which The Weinstein Company is involved in, according to public records, to back up its claim that this Weinstein vs Relativity lawsuit “is yet another typical litigation stunt from the Weinsteins who have a long history of threatening law suits with the sole purpose of intimidation.” But a lot of the lawsuits are actually TWC being sued. Interesting, nevertheless:

Brem v. TWC
Browder v. Q. Tarantino, TWC
Cat Entertainment v. TWC
Dannez Hunter v. Bob Weinstein, TWC
Degeto Film v. TWC
Flowers v. Glowing Report, Ltd, TWC
Tony Leech v. TWC
Lionsgate Films v. TWC
Moore v. TWC
NBC Universal v. TWC
Pariah v. Dimension Films (TWC)
Rodriguez v. Klum, TWC
Stratus Film v. Miramax et al
Summit Financial v. TWC
Herrick Co. v. TWC
TWC v. Skip Huston
TWC v. Collins
TWC v. Derrickson
TWC v. Columbia Pictures
TWC v. Nu Image
TWC v. Smokewood
TWC v. Lionsgate
TWC v. Sloss
TWC v. Walker