This morning NBC executives finally had something to celebrate: great fast national numbers for the rerun of The Voice premiere. Its 2.1/5 rating in 18-49 bested everything in the 9-11 PM slot except for Fox’s American Idol-powered lineup. TV reporters immediately trumpeted the good news for the ratings-challenged NBC — all but the website TheWrap which sent out a news alert with the subject line: “BREAKING: ‘The Voice’ Loses Nearly Half its Audience After Big Debut! NBC’s Singing Show Crumbles Against ‘Idol’.” The alert linked to a ratings story that pummelled The Voice for its “decline”. It turned out that network execs don’t read the website and found out about the inaccurate story from emails. Even NBC’s network rival CBS was sympathetic. “One of my competitors is owed a correction this morning,” tweeted CBS PR honcho Chris Ender. NBC reps contacted TheWrap demanding it right its ratings wrong. But the writer only tweaked it slightly at first before finally radically reworking it. “I truly think they don’t know what a repeat is. That is the only explanation,” snarked The Daily Beast‘s Kate Aurthur. Most surprising for NBC brass were the many outraged emails they received from showbiz journalists. “They came to our defense,” an NBC insider marveled, “and you don’t see that happen very often.” Add this to all the other stuff that TheWrap gets wrong, and you start to understand why Hollywood calls the website TheCrap.