Katie Couric is coming back from vacation today and is greeted the same way she was sent off on Friday, March 25: with a flurry of stories that she is most definitely, absolutely positively leaving the CBS Evening News anchor chair. This time, the wave of speculative stories was ignited by an AP report about Couric’s pending departure. Not much has changed since we all last dissected the story ad nauseam 10 days ago: Couric is still set to leave her Evening News gig but the exit is still not official and CBS News or her reps are still not commenting. Couric is still in the midst of negotiations with CBS, NBC and Time Warner about a package deal that would include a daytime talk show, news presence between now and the launch of he talk show (and  possibly beyond), as well as extensions to the Katie Couric brand on other platforms, with CBS and NBC as lead contenders. (The news offerings continue to include 60 Minutes and CBS Sunday Morning at CBS, Today and MSNBC at NBC and CNN appearances at Time Warner.) The launch of Couric’s production company and possible additional partnerships with online companies are being held off until the news anchor decides which media conglomerate she will sign with. Former NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker continues to be attached to her talk show. After anchoring CBS Evening News tonight, Couric is going on assignment in Iraq for the next few days.