In one of the most anti-climactic announcements, Katie Couric this week will officially confirm her long-rumored departure as anchor of CBS Evening News. I hear the announcement may come tomorrow afternoon, just before Couric leaves for London, where she will lead CBS’ coverage of the Royal Wedding. “It won’t be anything major, just a brief acknowledgment,” an insider said. Couric’s exit news will be kept as low-key and basic as possible to focus the attention on CBS’ announcement of Couric’s successor in the CBS Evening News anchor chair, which will be made next week. No surprises there either, as NYT reports that early frontrunner Scott Pelley is getting the job. After that, Couric is expected to unveil her next move within the following week or two. It is a busy week for Couric, who is interviewing Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ husband tonight, prepping for the Royal Wedding coverage and doing a 60 Minutes piece on Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. That as well as the way Couric’s Evening News announcement is being handled demonstrate that Couric’s relationship with CBS is staying strong just as she is narrowing down her choices for a syndicated daytime talk show with additional role in news. I hear that Telepictures/CNN is pretty much out of the picture, with CBS, NBC and ABC still in the running. With ABC’s daytime’s schedule in flux following the recent cancellations of two soaps, it is unclear whether the network’s final offer would be for a network or syndicated talk show.