In what amounts to a non-story, Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Feige has unwittingly whipped the web into a frenzy by acknowledging the possibility that both Thor and Captain America: First Avenger will be sequel-ized. Feige gave an innocuous interview to a Disney fan club magazine that hasn’t been published yet. And he didn’t really say anything. First of all, the promise of sequels is the whole reason Marvel makes and Disney finances/distributes these superhero movies, and the studio’s intentions were bared back when they signed Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans to superhero deals laden with sequel options.  Same with directors Kenneth Branagh and Joe Johnston. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely reportedly are already working on the Captain America 2 script, and the same thing will happen soon with Thor. Most of the other news nuggets dropped by Feige were equally familiar,  including the chatter about Dr. Strange percolating, which Deadline revealed last June.