Shortly before Charlie Sheen’s 20-city tour was to kick off tonight in Detroit, the former Two and a Half Men star tweeted: “The moment of truth is upon us Detroit!! Do not fear … the Sheenius is here!” Well, he was right about the moment of truth part. According to local reports, fans who packed the Fox Theatre started walking out shortly after the Sheen’s show started and those who stayed eventually booed the actor off the stage.

Things started off horribly with Sheen’s opening act, Kirk Fox, who was booed so hard, he didn’t finish his set. The same continued during the main attraction, which featured more video clips than actual live show from Sheen. The actor tried to keep his cool, declaring “I’m having a ball, a f**ing good time,” according to Detroit Free Press’ live blog. But he eventually got unnerved, shouting back at a fan, “Sorry dude, I already got your money” before leaving the stage never to return.

Seems like the only “sheenius” here was tour promoter Live Nation’s decision to insert a “no refunds” policy on the tickets. And for all Sheen’s bitching about the quality of the writing on Two and a Half Men, he never looked that bad on the show. He seems to be needing comedy writers for his tour … badly.