Young Hollywood loves indie films, and this time the beneficiary is Adult World, the coming-of-age drama being produced by Michael Ohoven at Infinity Entertainment (Capote, Saved) and Kevin Turen (Arbitrage) from a script by Andrew Cochran. Meeting for the female main character with director Scott Coffey (whose Ellie Parker was in the main competition at Sundance) were hot talent like Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan, Rooney Mara, Emily Browning, Juno Temple and Brie Larson. But Emma Roberts snagged the part. Turns out Coffey wrote a female-driven script for Fox Searchlight that had Emma’s aunt Julia Roberts attached once upon a time. (Emma is Eric’s daughter.) What a small world Hollywood is, eh? Anyway, Adult World now has offers out to Zach Galifianakis and Shiloh Fernandez for great male roles, too. It’s a funny satire about an over-validated generation of American kids who think they’re all special and have a right to fame only now they face the reality of real life. Roberts, who recently signed with CAA, was a teen star (Nancy Drew, Hotel For Dogs, the upcoming Scream 4) now seguing into her first adult female roles. She already has done theFox Searchlight indie film Homework, set for a June 17 release.