Some Internet media sites should stop writing about Hollywood agents because they get it wrong again and again. Witness Sharon Waxman and The Wrap (aka The Crap): they’re once again erroneously reporting about tenpercenteries, this time that WME board member John Fogelman “said hasty goodbyes on Friday, packed up and left” WME Entertainment and “would be working from home.” In fact, what The Crap laughably doesn’t know is that Fogelman merely moved his office to WME’s second floor where he continues to work until, as Deadline accurately reportedly last week, he figures out what he wants to do after deciding he wants to depart the agency. Waxman and The Crap have been wrong nearly every time they write about agents. Most infamously, Waxman in 2009 erroneously and repeatedly reported that her sources said the William Morris-Endeavor merger was not happening and would never happen. And as recently as a few days ago, she was wrong again, this time erroneously reporting that Fogelman was not leaving WME. And, as if that weren’t enough, she erroneously headlined late last week that Fogelman made a “sudden” decision to leave WME — when in fact he made the decision back in December as Deadline accurately reported. And now she headlines this erroneous Fogelman-has-left-the-building nonsense. Add this to all the other stuff that Waxman and TheWrap get wrong, and you start to understand why Hollywood calls her site TheCrap.