SANTA MONICA, CA – March 7, 2011 – Miramax today announced that Eric Doctorow has been appointed Executive Vice President, effective immediately. Doctorow will lead Miramax’s worldwide home entertainment and distribution efforts, and his responsibilities will also include supporting digital and licensing opportunities. Doctorow will report to Mike Lang, Miramax’s CEO.

“Eric is a tremendous addition to our senior leadership team, and we are very pleased that he is joining Miramax,” said Lang. “Eric brings an unparalleled range of experience in the home entertainment business and an impressive track record of innovation and creativity — especially in library product. Our partnerships in home entertainment and international distribution are a key part of our strategy, and Eric will manage these important relationships, not only with existing partners such as Lionsgate, but the many more to come.”

Since closing the Miramax transaction in December 2010, Lang and the Miramax team have signed several long-term distribution deals. In addition to Lionsgate, these include Studiocanal for home entertainment in Europe, Echo Bridge for select Miramax titles in the U.S., and Alliance Films in Canada. Doctorow will have day-to-day responsibility for all of these strategic relationships going forward.