The Wall Street Journal is saying that the revamped Miramax is in discussions with Netflix on a five-year, approximately $100 million deal to add the studio’s content to Netflix’s streaming service. That would give Netflix a 700-plus-title library to add to its catalog, which deflated slightly this week when Starz imposed a 90-day delay on streaming titles and Showtime said it won’t make its original series available when the companies re-up their contract in the summer. For Miramax, the negotiations are the latest part of a plan to monetize its library since the studio was purchased from Disney last year by Ron Tutor and Tom Barrack’s Filmyard Holdings. In February, Miramax signed a DVD deal with Echo Bridge for domestic distribution.

As for Blockbuster, the bankrupt bricks-and-mortar DVD retailer (ah, remember when Netflix was Blockbuster’s rival, and not the other way around?) has said in court filings that it wants dump leases on 187 of its stores ahead of an April 4 auction, impacting locations in 30 states. Bloomberg said such moves usually mean a retailer plans to close the stores or attempt to renegotiate their rents.