Katie Couric was on David Letterman last night amidst speculation that she is leaning towards leaving her CBS Evening News anchor job to do a daytime syndicated talk show when her contract is up in June. “I have no idea actually,” she said about her plans. “I’m figuring out what I want to do; I’m in the process of figuring out the future.”

Letterman gave her a pep talk about staying put. “Once you take the anchor chair, that’s what you do,” he said. “It’s not like it’s a temp gig.” He listed long-time evening news anchors like Walter Cronkite, Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings. “They get in it, they saddle up and they ride into the sunset.”

“You can’t leave. Because it takes awhile, there’s a period of adjustment to get accustomed to the trust and build up faith in the character of the person presenting the news. And you can’t just pull the rug out from under the viewers.” Here is the video: